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By storing the power you create, you can avoid eye-watering energy prices. With solar power and energy storage systems, only you use your energy.

A return on investment is guaranteed with our solar panels , but you can maximise the profitability with our solar power and energy storage systems. The team at Green Tech Hub understands that your system will often generate more energy than you need. By storing the surplus energy in a battery, your system can access it when less electricity is being generated. Installed at properties throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands, the storage systems prevent you from needing to use expensive electricity from the National Grid.

Solar Panels

Become Self-Sufficient

Storing your own surplus solar energy means that you can use it at night or when the sun is not shining. Not only does this increase your self-consumption by up to 80%, but it also limits the amount of expensive electricity you take from your energy supplier. In turn, this will keep your electricity bill down.

Protection against Energy Prices

The National Grid is struggling to meet the nation’s needs, and by becoming your own energy producer and consumer, you are not only protecting yourself from future blackouts, but also helping the National Grid. Additionally, with a reduced reliance on energy from your supplier, you can avoid the regular and excessive prices hikes levied by energy providers.


Since 2015, the solar storage technology industry has been booming. With this rapid growth has come a large selection of choices for consumers. Storage systems can be:

  • AC Coupled or DC Coupled
  • Lithium Ion or Lead Acid
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • With Backup or without Backup
  • Floor-Mounted or Wall-Mounted
  • Sleek or Ugly
  • Expensive or Cheap
  • Powerful or Modestly Charged
  • Small or Large

However, you do not need to worry about all these choices as our skilled technicians have identified the best overall systems. 

Storing Your Energy

Utilise all of the energy you make yourself by storing the surplus.

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Choose Smart Technology for Your Home

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